Intimate pearls of Song

IMPROVISATION Pieces in a new fashion, unusual instruments, changes in programme – the Jazzweekend is good for variety.
by Juan Martin Koch, MZ

Catherine Bent of the duo Elis & Catherine from Munich, consisting of the distinctive combination of guitar and cello, and mostly dedicated to Brazilian music. Photos:

REGENSBURG. The art of heralded surprise: this is how you could perhaps paraphrase one of the features that make good jazz. […]

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[…] So in sauntering into the courtyard of “Amore, Vino & Amici” one came across Elis Roseira and Catherine Bent. The two musicians devote to Brazilian music their distinctive combination of guitar and cello, guitarist Elis Roseira also undertaking the vocal part. The pearls of a song of Chico Buarque (“A Mais Bonita”), for example, are distilled into their essence; they palpably benefit from the intimacy of the duo.

Catherine Bent is an exceptionally skillful cellist, who plays not so much in the foreground yet paints a fine cello-line contour to the whole. Elis Roseira proves that one does not need a gigantic voice in order to bring this repertory to life. Jobim’s ¾-meter Bossa “Chovendo na Roseira” is almost inscribed to her name, but even a Dylan classic such as “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” (the version by Madeleine Peyroux seems to be the forerunner here) works wonderfully in this setting.

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This is a translation of the newspaper article that appeared on 07/11/16 in the “Mittelbayerische Zeitung”, p. 38.
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